The Big Bang Theory renewed for TWO seasons at CBS!

CBS Announces Two Year Broadcast Agreement for THE BIG BANG THEORY

CBS Announces Two Year Broadcast Agreement for THE BIG BANG THEORY

On Monday it was revealed that CBS has officially renewed its smash hit program "The Big Bang Theory" for another two seasons.

Bialik and Rauch joined the show in its third season but are only paid US$175,000 ($226,000) per episode; the current negotiation is expected to net them something closer to the half-million mark. Parsons will narrate; Iain Armitage stars.

Bialik, who plays Amy, Sheldon's girlfriend and Rauch, who plays Bernadette, Howard's wife, should see a pay raise that gets them to $900,00 per episode to match that of their other five co-stars.

CBS Entertainment and Warner Bros. The quintet are reported to have offered to take pay cuts so that their co-stars can receive salaries which insiders say will be in excess of $500,000 per episode.

Along with the drama NCIS, The Big Bang Theory is consistently one of the two most popular shows on television when original episodes are aired. The show is the highest-rated scripted series, averaging 14.5 million viewers and a rating of 3.27 in the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demo.

Well, fans of The Big Bang Theory TV show on CBS don't have to worry about it being cancelled any time too soon.

For his part, executive producer Steve Molaro told EW he wasn't looking at season 10 as the show's last, but he does have an idea on how the show could end. The series is from Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc., in association with Warner Bros.

Last week it was announced that a Big Bang Theory spin-off series, Young Sheldon, is going into production and will focus on the childhood years of Jim Parsons' central character, Sheldon Cooper.

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