Automata's 3C3C1D119440927 DLC Will Add Three Colosseums — Nier



The DLC includes three new costumes for 2B, 9S, and A2, as well as a new colosseum that lets you fight against new enemies and bosses. Square Enix and Platinum Games' off-beat JRPG collaboration was the follow-up to a niche hit in Nier, which was in itself an entire universe founded upon what was widely considered to be a "joke ending" in Drakengard 3. The crossover costume had been previously teased before, but this was the first time fans got a good look at the upcoming costume. The other features a battle against two people you wouldnt expect. Additionally, it was said that Kat will have exclusive emotes only with this costume. The collaboration costume is expected to become available sometime within the month.

Platinum Games has announced DLC content for Nier: Automata and it seems 2B will be challenging some fearsome foes in a new arena mode. Not letting the limelight fade, NieR: Automata will have a new DLC coming soon. Both will be level 85 bosses, so players need to come prepared when facing these battles.

Gravity Rush 2 is available for PlayStation 4. Watch the new DLC gameplay trailer below...

Nier Automata sold well enough that Square Enix has green lit a tiny bit more of it. Glory to Mankind! We'll update when we know the western release date.

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