Jeremy Corbyn: Labour faces challenge on 'historic scale' to win election

May to bring down influx of migrants

May to bring down influx of migrants

With the results in from all 88 local authorities being contested, the Conservatives won 1,900 seats, up 558; Labour won 1,151, down 320; and the pro-EU Liberal Democrats won 441, down 37.

How bad is it for Labour? Finance spokesman John McDonnell described the results as tough, but "it hasn't been the wipe-out that some people predicted or the polls predicted".

It wasn't clear whose predictions he was talking about.

Most people, most of the time, aren't paying attention to politics. The Conservatives have gained more than 300 seats and Labour are down 142.

The Conservative lead was the biggest on record for any British election survey conducted by ICM, the polling firm said. (Prof Fisher's site was also more accurate than many others in the 2015 General Election).

The Conservatives" 2017 campaign is based on a simple premise: "that most voters much prefer Theresa May to Jeremy Corbyn.

Ms Davidson, launching her campaign with a stump speech in Edinburgh, said: "Caveats do apply, but even that notwithstanding, you see that this is pretty much a two-horse race (between the Tories and the SNP) in vast swathes of the country now".

May has asked voters to back her leadership of the country and her plans for negotiations with European Union leaders. But with Labour and the Tories, the story changes.

For most, these events will serve to reinforce views rather than challenge them. The party has a net rating of -2 and Mrs May's score is +10.

May succeeded David Cameron as prime minister previous year.

As YouGov have pointed out, we have to back to 1983 and 1987 to find occasions when local elections took place around a month before a general election.

The local elections have given us the clearest demonstration yet of how United Kingdom politics is being realigned. "It has nothing to do with today's results".

Opinion polls give May a lead in the national election of around 20 percentage points. Instead, gaffes normally confirm voters pre-existing views; the "Prescott punch" that the then Deputy Prime Minister was a straight-talking politician, George Osborne's pre-Budget Byron burger that he enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle, and Gordon Brown's bigot comment that he was ill-at-ease with ordinary voters. They came second in the election and the SNP came first.

"Yet Labour have not been able to eat into Conservative support at all".

Sky News is projecting that Theresa May could win a Commons majority of 48 in the General Election based on an analysis of local election results.

The SNP claimed 32.3 per cent of first preferences, with an overall increase of 80,221 votes. Instead, Tim Farron is talking about doubling the number of their MPs-which would only take them to 18 seats.

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