Google Poised to Roll Out Arsenal of Services, Gadgets

Google added features to its internet-connected Home speaker - such as hands-free calling. That echoes Amazon's Echo speaker, which was released earlier and so has had more time to acquire a wider range of abilities.

Google can now use your camera as an input device. Samsung is trying to some of that with its new Bixby Vision feature on the Galaxy S8 phones. That's significant in its own right and goes to show that Google has hit the ground running with Android TV. Both are aimed at getting more people to use the company's services, even if they live in developing countries and use cheap, older phones. These aspects will describe key components of what Google hopes to achieve with Android O.

It's also bringing positional tracking, which recognizes movement as people walk around. In a lot of ways, I think the Google Home is better: it sounds nicer, it works with my television, and it knows a lot of personal information that I haven't bothered to try to make available on Amazon's Alexa.

Similar to previous years, Google I/O 2017 is also expected to be packed with new announcements, software updates and debut of new software features, all of which will likely be unveiled during Pichai's keynote.

More broadly, Google now measures just about all of its products in billions. It has launched a program for cheaper, entry-level devices.

At the core of the conference is Android, Google's open source operating system that runs on approximately 80 percent of the world's smart devices, according to some industry estimates.

Developers will receive a "best practices" guide for priming their apps for use with Android Go. It's a way for Google to help make Android-based smartphones even more ubiquitous around the world. These devices will automatically get Android Go instead of the full version. Previously, the assistant worked only on Google's Android software. The new Android version, codenamed Android O, is now available as a beta, and the finished version will probably roll out to devices some time this year.

Google Assistant became available on iPhone on Wednesday.

This one - codenamed O - hasn't yet been bestowed with the traditional sweet moniker Google gives each version. For instance, Photos will notice when you take a shot of a friend and nudge you to send it to her, so you don't forget.

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