Google's Tango Visual Positioning Service is like an indoor GPS

Google Tango is a smartphone-based AR platform that has the ability to map the world around you in real-time using a number of on-board sensors and the phone's camera. As an example, Bavor described looking for a specific screwdriver at a Lowe's home improvement store.

In other words, "GPS can get you to the door, VPS can get you the exact item".

This technology also shows some promise for the vision impaired, as it can be combined with an audio interface to provide directions around nearby objects and obstacles. It will also be "one of the core capabilities of Google Lens"-a new image recognition initiative also announced today".

Google also sees Education as an exciting avenue for its Tango technologies. More than two million students have taken virtual field trips with Expeditions using Cardboard, and this fall, we're bringing AR lessons to schools through our Pioneer Program.

At its Google I/O developers conference, Google announced a new technology called Visual Positioning Service (VPS), a Tango-enabled mapping system that uses augmented reality on phones and tablets to help navigate indoor locations.

Expeditions AR uses Tango-compatible smartphones like the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro to put the study subjects directly in the classroom.

In the long term, Google views both virtual and augmented reality as part of what is called "immersive computing", where devices operate in a manner that's closer to how we see and interact with the world. With the Tango technology, the Asus ZenFone AR can track motion and understand distances, as well as their position in the real world.

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