After Special Counsel Named, Trump Reacts: 'Greatest Witch Hunt' In Political History

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

- Tommy Christopher (@tommyxtopher) May 17, 2017TRUMP: I want to take this opportunity to give you some advice.

"You have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight", Trump said.

United States president Donald Trump has aired his grievances with his position to a group of military graduates, telling them life is hard at the top.

"You chose the path of service", Trump said.

President Trump used a graduation speech at the Coast Guard Academy today to try to write his own listing administration. "No politician in history, and I say with surety, has been treated worse, more unfairly".

This morning, however, Trump offered a more unvarnished opinion on his Twitter account. "You're the only ones", Trump said.

President Trump also mentioned some of the accomplishments he is most proud of, including some that drew applause - improved care for veterans - and some met with politeness - loosening of "environmental chains". "We've saved the Second Amendment", he bragged. She's concerned about relatives who are serving in the Coast Guard on the president's watch.

"I guess that is why we won", Trump said, a reference to his 2016 election win, something the President often does. He said he would give the Federal Bureau of Investigation a week and then "if we need a subpoena, we'll do it". Most of the USA attorney offices - the nerve center of America's war on terrorism and corruption - are without leaders. Trump pushed back defiantly against news reports that have dogged the White House for the past week.

Meanwhile, National Security Adviser Mike Flynn turned out to be a mess on many fronts, and was sacked for lying. Or is this just the life of a president?

That acrimony was further heightened this week after twin bombshell stories from The Washington Post and the New York Times sent his administration into turmoil. Who was secretly taking large payments for representing the interests of Turkey while he was a part of Trump's campaign, and also had a very questionable and profitable relationship with Russian Federation. He also told them, "You can't let the critics and the naysayers get in the way of your dreams".

Trump's speech began around 11:50 a.m.

Trump told the cadets that adversity makes them stronger.

Trump then spun it into a positive message about perseverance and conviction.

Democratic lawmakers have demanded that the Justice Department name a special prosecutor to investigate potential ties between Trump's campaign and Russian Federation.

So that's our national security. During Obama's time in office, Fox News and other right-leaning outlets absolutely went to town on the former president, calling him a "socialist", a "secret Muslim", and - of course - questioning his citizenship (we all know who was behind that).

HORSLEY: Trump got a warmer reception inside the Academy football stadium where the ceremony was held.

Even as he pledged to "speak with Muslim leaders and challenge them to fight hatred and extremism", he threw in three words that some of his top aides are trying to get him to stop saying: "radical Islamic terrorism".

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