Canada's Pemberton Festival Files for Bankruptcy With No Refunds for Fans

Pemberton Music Festival Suddenly Canceled Due to Bankruptcy

Pemberton Music Festival Suddenly Canceled Due to Bankruptcy

"The Pemberton Music Festival has been significantly impacted since 2015 by a weakening Canadian dollar relative to the USA dollar as many of its entertainment costs are denominated in $US dollars", read a statement on the site.

People who had bought tickets for the festival were incredulous at the news online.

This year's festival, set to be its fourth installment, was scheduled to take place in Pemberton July 13 to 16. It urged customers to seek reimbursement through their credit card providers.

British Columbia's Pemberton Music Festival has been cancelled after the event went bankrupt, leaving ticket holders without refunds.

Brennan adds the concert has only been able to generate more than $8.2 million in revenue, while working with a $22 million budget.

"We want to ensure that music fans don't miss out on a memorable summer festival this season".

"They should be making a claim in respect of the credit card company's insurance, so that they can try to recover their ticket proceeds through that claims process itself".

In response to the announcement, music festival producer Huka Entertainment has released a statement.

Pemberton Music Festival 2017 has been canceled.

However, it now displays a single page with the cancellation announcement and confirmation of the bankruptcy filing, as well as a reiteration that there will be no automatic refunds given at this time.

However, this does not guarantee that any ticket purchasers will recoup their ticket purchases.

The statement also noted the festival had trouble attracting talent for this year's festival because of a limited number of artists who were touring in 2017.

"We understand the difficulties that go into the planning and execution of a large-scale festival event".

Ticketholders can submit a proof of claim for newly appointed trustee Ernst & Young approve, but the status of the claim may not be known for several weeks.

Refunds may also be available to ticketholders if tickets were purchased using a credit card, and ticketholders can contact their bank or credit card issuer directly to determine if a refund is possible. Ticketholders who paid by credit card may have more luck requesting a chargeback.

According to a fact sheet posted on the website of Ernst & Young, which has been appointed trustee in the bankruptcies, the festival has been significantly impacted over the past two years by the weak Canadian dollar relative to the USA dollar because artists are paid in U.S. dollars.

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