How Trump's planned visit to the Western Wall spurred controversy

Image Donald Trump Jerusalem visit preparations

Image Donald Trump Jerusalem visit preparations

During his visit to Israel, President Donald Trump will stay in an "armored suite" in Jerusalem's King David Hotel that is capable of withstanding almost any kind of attack, The Hill reported Saturday. -Israeli relations in the past are beginning to return. He has since backed off any impending move over fears it would cause controversy and hinder peace talks with Palestine. On Monday and Tuesday, Trump is to visit Israel and the West Bank, for meetings with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

And while President Trump campaigned on a promise to change that position, he has not followed up on it since taking office, perhaps because he has come to realize that any hope of a negotiated settlement between Israel and the Palestinian state would be dashed by a premature move.

"Furthermore, who would have never imagined that the first direct flight between Israel and Saudi Arabia would happen because of President Trump".

Haley has been indefatigable in defending Israel at the United Nations, rigorously pressing other United Nations member states to end their longstanding hostility toward Israel on a range of issues, including the status of Jerusalem, Israel's capital. The state of Israel was not created until 1948.

The Netanyahu government is also playing down a diplomatic tiff over whether and how Trump would visit religious sites.

President Trump's plan to become the first sitting US president to visit the Western Wall has been welcomed by Israeli government officials. He cast uncertainty over years of worldwide efforts to foster a two-state solution when he met Netanyahu at the White House in February.

Should the US move the embassy, it could cause "significant harm to the USA credibility as a mediator" for peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians, said Dylan Williams, vice president of government affairs for J Street, a left-leaning pro-Israel advocacy organization.

Tillerson added that Trump's decision would be informed by "whether Israel views it as helpful to a peace initiative or perhaps a distraction".

Trump is still planning to visit the Western Wall, and will be accompanied by the on-site rabbi, not Netanyahu.

"I don't think there is anything set yet, not in Cairo, not in Ramallah, not anywhere", Erekat said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the White House circulated a video publicizing his itinerary that showed a map of Israel that cut out the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Golan Heights.

Trump first met with Abbas in Washington D.C. earlier this month, and with Netanyahu in February. These signs have been featured in news stories around the world and are a testament to the deep support President Donald Trump has in Israel.

Trump's fierce pro-Israel stance has limits, and just like past US presidents, Trump has his own agenda, Herzog suggested.

Those complexities of religion, history, sovereignty and peace in the Middle East were somewhat foreign to Trump as a candidate, when he scorned Obama for what he called mistreatment of Israel and said little about the Palestinians. "On the contrary, they represent the renewal of life in the Land of Israel", she said.

Trump has also said he does not think a peace deal is as hard a task as it seems. "Right now there are no plans to do anything in that regard", the official said. He regularly hears advice on Israel from friends, including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and American casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who is close to Netanyahu.

Abbas appears more inclined to do that, perhaps as a gesture to Trump, several analysts said. "We're not here to force people to do things one way or the other with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict", the official said. The only time adherents of all three religions have enjoyed complete freedom of worship in Jerusalem has been under Israeli administration.

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