Will House of Cards Season 6 Happen?

Michael Kelly and Neve Campbell on the fifth season of

Michael Kelly and Neve Campbell on the fifth season of"House of Cards. David Giesbrecht Netflix

This will be the first season of the series, however, to air after the election of Donald Trump. It could also describe the new season of House of Cards, which premiered Tuesday on Netflix. Some speculated this would be the show's natural trajectory based on the original British series the Netflix production followed.

Last season, President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) chose his wife (Robin Wright) as his vice presidential running mate, survived an assassination attempt by a former newspaper reporter he helped put in prison and pushed the bounds of the U.S. Constitution to the breaking point by trying to thwart an investigation into his "crooked path to the White House".

That's the challenge that Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson, who took over as showrunners after series creator Beau Willimon's departure past year, ran into last November, when they were almost finished shooting the new batch of 13 episodes.

Has Donald Trump made House of Cards obsolete? Suddenly, presidential behaviour has been cast in a whole new light.

So can the critically acclaimed series possibly compete with the griping drama that is real-life Washington?

But Parnell, who sports a resume as a former congressional staffer and business official with Goldman Sachs and Exxon Mobil, also took the opportunity to take a few shots at President Donald Trump, whose new administration has struggled under the weight of an ongoing investigation into his campaign's ties to Russian Federation.

Have you seen House of Cards Season 5 yet? "We make the terror". Season 6 will focus on Frank being at odds with Claire Underwood, but by the end of the season, they will be working together again.

"The American people don't know what's best for them", says Frank in his silky SC accent. The early success of House of Cards was built on the audience wanting the Underwoods to win, no matter the cost. The key difference is that Veep always had the stronger claim on proximity to reality.

But "House of Cards" weaves a deeper, more intricate tale of a couple united by a quest for power at all costs. With Frank predicting domination for the Underwoods for the next SIX elections, he obviously has no plans to lose this one. Enter Douglas "Doug" Stamper, played by the uber-intense Michael Kelly, who has a "no-holds-barred" attitude towards anything Frank asks of him. "If there is any comparison, it happens in the same moment".

But enough is enough, and "House of Cards" seems to agree.

Robin Wright made headlines past year when she said she wasn't being paid the same as costar Kevin Spacey.

Beau Willimon (pictured above with Kevin Spacey), the USA show creator and show runner, left at end of season 4 meaning this is the first series he hasn't been a part of. We'll update this when we know more!

"I really don't like being duped", she says. "Francis is saying come along for this ride, and being ever more implicated in the ride". I promised Netflix I wouldn't reveal any spoilers, but I can say that reliving the 2016 election through an alternative reality is just as fascinating as it sounds.

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