Warriors beat Cavaliers in Game 5, win NBA title

Durant's text to Draymond after Warriors lost Game 7 of 2016 Finals

Durant's text to Draymond after Warriors lost Game 7 of 2016 Finals

On Tuesday, the Warriors released the following statement regarding a potential White House meeting with President Donald Trump, via ABC7: "Today is all about celebrating our championship".

The Warriors would have made the NBA Finals this season without the services of Durant.

Several members of the New England Patriots also declined a visit earlier after winning the Super Bowl. Unchallengeable hegemony in competition is what's best for us all, right?

Kevin Durant talks about his future in his exit interview.

Great teams are defined by an extra-pass mentality and a complete absence of ego.

However, two Los Angeles Clippers superstars, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, will also be on the free-agent market this year.

In response, Curry said, "Somebody asked me about it a couple months ago, like a hypothetical, if a championship were to happen what I'd do and I think I answered 'I wouldn't go.' I still feel like that today". He sees a bunch of players that were underrated and cast aside.

Durant's scoring output Per 100 is a staggering 41.1 points. There is more to basketball than getting yours or being the guy. But they'll never clash.

And they're probably going to stay that way.

It can be done - every dominant team has been caught and surpassed over time - but it won't be easy. But like I said, we'll all figure something out. There's a good few years where they seem totally unstoppable, but then, well - you know the saying about the bigger they are. When Steph turned that corner, we became nearly unbeatable. "They're going to be around for a while".

Through all of that admirable teamwork in Game 5, some individual moments stood out.

"Experience is the best teacher in life, and he's just experiencing and experiencing and experiencing", said James. "If you want to win, it doesn't matter". I can point out that the Mavericks shifted their entire identity to try to beat Miami's superteam by packing the paint on defense and letting the 3s fly on the other end. And forward David West made it clear Trump went against his belief system.

The Warriors first port of call was a champagne shower and beer shots in the locker room followed by a trip to the Harlot Nightclub in San Francisco.

"Kevin's journey, our team embraced him". That's when he turned to his magical ballhandling, finding just enough space to make the right pass or drive hard to the basket. It's not a facade.

Instead, he signed a two-year contract with the Warriors, with a player option on the second year.

Durant is so dedicated to winning multiple championships that he is reportedly considering taking less money from the team in order to free up space to re-sign key reserves like Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala. Durant, meanwhile, won't be as likely to slip into isolation mode - basically his entire eight-year career in Oklahoma City - as he becomes even more comfortable with the blur of motion. But at the end of the day we know what's best for us as a group and we want to do everything we can to keep this team together.

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