79 now believed to have died in London high-rise fire

Firefighter Damien Magee recounts what he experienced while attending the fire at Grenfell Tower

Firefighter Damien Magee recounts what he experienced while attending the fire at Grenfell Tower

Khan has praised the heroism of Christians, Muslims and others in looking after people affected by the Grenfell Tower disaster, reported The Independent.

Though 30 people have been confirmed dead so far, the death toll is expected to rise as the building held hundreds of people and many were trapped in their homes during the fire.

Two British officials said Sunday that new exterior cladding used in a renovation of Grenfell Tower may have been banned under United Kingdom building regulations.

Confirming that a criminal investigation would examine whether building regulations had been breached, he said: 'My understanding is the cladding in question, this flammable cladding which is banned in Europe and the USA, is also banned here. The cause of the massive blaze is still under investigation, but anger has mounted in the community amid reports that the rain-screen cladding on the exterior of Grenfell Tower may have spread the flames.

'As London faith representatives, our united minds, hearts and prayers are with everyone in Grenfell Tower and with the families and friends of all those who are impacted. "He didn't come with a bunch of police.no one even saw her".

The 1974 concrete building had recently been fitted with new insulation cladding.

Cundy said emergency workers have now reached the top of the building.

Construction for the building was completed in 1974 and it underwent a renovation that was completed in May 2016.

The mayor and his wife Saadiya joined the congregation Sunday at St.

Flowers and missing people posters are taped to the gates of the church, which has been used as a relief centre in the wake of the blaze, while bags of donations including nappies and clothes are piled outside the door.

Labour Party legislator David Lammy said the government and police should immediately seize all documents relating to the building's renovation to prevent the destruction of evidence that could show criminal wrongdoing.

The fire ripped through the high-rise early Wednesday.

He said: "The investigation is a police investigation".

"If someone was in Grenfell tower and they did escape, and they haven't made it known to the police or to their family, I would urge them to contact the police casualty bureau". He says trust in the authorities is "falling through the floor". Attention has focused on materials used during the renovation process completed a year ago. They say their complaints were ignored - and fear it was because the tower was full of poor people in a predominantly wealthy borough.

Cundy said the search and recovery operation was ongoing in the burnt-out 24-story tower.

He said the situation has become an emergency and that "all assets" should be brought to the table.

Britain's Press Association reported that some 70 people are still missing after the fire.

Police had announced the death toll as 58 on Saturday, and confirmed that a 23-year-old Syrian refugee was the first victim of the huge fire.

"The prime minister is very aware that people want answers promptly and we want to get this going promptly, so that's our intention", the spokeswoman said.

Met Police Commander Stuarty Cundy said five of the people killed had been formally identified with the rest "sadly" missing presumed dead.

After hosting some of the families of the victims and community leaders in No 10 yesterday, Mrs May acknowledged the response from authorities had been inadequate.

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