Cooperative Raid Battles And Changes to Gyms Are Coming to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Will Receive New Multiplayer Features, Gym Closed For Remodeling

Pokemon Go Will Receive New Multiplayer Features, Gym Closed For Remodeling

Niantic has put up a message to its players, via their official support page, informing fans that gyms in Pokemon Go will soon be temporarily closed due to remodelling. Strap yourself in folks; it's going to take a while to cover everything.

When the update rolls out, gyms will no longer be based on Prestige and training. Now - or at least when the update is finished - gyms will have the standard six Pokemon limit. Over time Pokemon will become demovitvated, which reduces their Combat Power (CP). This will help ensure that even the strongest Pokemon can be defeated over time. Upon using your pass to join the battle, you and up to 20 other Trainers work together to defeat the Raid Boss.

Gym Defender Pokemon will be impacted by the new motivation system. They might not function like badges in the main franchise, but they are still a welcome sight.

This isn't all. Interacting with Gyms earns players Gym Badges which players can level up by battling other Pokemon Trainers, giving berries to Pokemon in Gyms, and spinning a Gym's Photo Disc.

Gyms will be made into a more user-friendly experience encouraging newer more casual players to get involved.

According to the moderators of The Silph Road, Pokemon GO gyms across the globe would temporarily be disabled sometime on June 19. As I darted around to avoid the raid boss' (a Gyarados with its CP jacked to high heaven) attacks, friends' Pokemon often obscured my view, and all the effects on screen caused slowdown. A Raid is triggered when a giant Egg appears on top of a Gym, which is followed by the appearance of an extremely powerful Raid Boss Pokemon.

Pokemon GO was released last Summer and took the world by storm with its augmented reality gameplay which saw gamers going outside in order to try and catch Pokemon in their natural environments. In order to fight a raid boss you'll need to win a raid pass from a gym, which can be done once per day, or you can buy raid passes. Trainers can restore a Pokemon's motivation by feeding it berries, but if its motivation is totally depleted, it will return to its trainer the next time it loses a battle. With the game steadily approaching its first anniversary, the chances of Niantic debuting a number of new features in its most successful title definitely makes ideal sense.

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