Houston's Emancipation Park rededicated after $34M upgrades

Austinites march in a parade planned by the city of Austin in celebration of Juneteenth

Austinites march in a parade planned by the city of Austin in celebration of Juneteenth

Event planner and WURD radio talk show host Jeff Hart cites Philadelphia's history of being a refugee city as one of the more important reasons for events like Germantown's annual Juneteenth Celebration at the Johnson House historic site.

Across the nation, African-Americans are celebrating Juneteenth - June 19th - as the day the Emancipation Proclamation was read in Texas, making it the last state to read the document to slaves.

Saturday's celebration, originally slated to take place in Cook Park from 12 to 4 p.m., had to be moved inside the nearby Girls Inc. building because of rain.

Though an award ceremony honoring community members for their involvement, service and longevity was held Friday night, Terrence Filer chose to forgo the air conditioned ceremony to help set up for Saturday's events. The common beginning mark is June 19, 1865 - the day Maj. Even without national recognition, though, Juneteenth is a fully fledged holiday, complete with a traditional menu.

Today we commemorate the anniversary of that delayed but welcome news.

In 1872, they pooled $800 to put down on ten acres of open land as home for their Juneteenth celebration.

Gordon Granger visited Galveston, Texas, to inform the community that President Abraham Lincoln had abolished slavery two years prior.

This year, like previous years, the celebrations were meant to highlight black community leaders and people uplifting the black community.

"A lot of people equate Juneteenth with African American history", Hoyle, a member of the Jabari Society of Bergen County, said.

"It's another day to celebrate our freedom as a country", Wright said.

Through the course of conversation, I found many of my freedom-loving friends had never heard of Juneteenth.

The African American Museum of Iowa has been Juneteenth all weekend.

"So many whites have died for blacks to be free", she said. Events like Juneteenth provide an opportunity to share that history throughout the community.

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