Indonesian police: Four foreign inmates escape from Bali prison

Australian man Shaun Davidson has escaped from Kerobokan Prison

Australian man Shaun Davidson has escaped from Kerobokan Prison

Shaun Edward Davidson, from Perth, was serving a 12-month sentence after being convicted in September previous year of using fraudulent travel documents.

"It seems that they have escaped through a 50 x 75cm (20 x 30 inch) hole at the prison's outer wall which have led to their escape", Bali police spokesman Hengky Widjaja told AFP.

Davidson was sentenced in September 2016 to a year behind bars for using another person's passport.

He had only 10 weeks still to serve of his sentence, according to Fairfax.

"We have spread the photos of those foreign inmates that have escaped and we are chasing them now", he said. He was found in possession of 22g of methamphetamines at the time of his arrest.

The notorious Kerobokan Prison has been home to many high-profile foreign criminals, including the so-called "Bali Nine" - eight men and a woman from Australia who were convicted in 2006 of smuggling heroin. The men escaped from Kerobokan Prison by crawling through a 39-foot-long tunnel dug under the walls, per Reuters.

The other three escapees are Dimitir Nikolon Ilev, a Bulgarian, on charges of ATM scamming, Sayed Muhammad Said, Indian, drug smuggler, and Tee Kok Ming, from Malaysia, on drug charges.

Davidson said he lost his passport.

He said he had been expecting a "living hell" when he was incarcerated in April previous year after being named a suspect.

The waste tunnel, through which the four prisoners are believed to have escaped, was 15 metres long and half a metre wide. It gives them something to look forward to.

Davidson had spent the year before he was apprehended boxing and partying in Bali.

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