Take-Two shuts down GTA Online Force Hax cheating tool

Take-Two shuts down GTA Online Force Hax cheating tool

Take-Two shuts down GTA Online Force Hax cheating tool

Take-Two has targeted another GTA V mod after shutting down the popular OpenIV tool.

PC Gamer has reported that more Grand Theft Auto mods are shutting down under the threat of legal action, following last week's closure of the OpenIV editing mod.

The reaction is expected as many have been using the modding tool for years now. Rockstar's parent company recently made a decision to ban the GTA 5 OpenIV mod and the community is now putting up a united front in its demand for the mod to be brought back. Unfortunately, the creators behind OpenIV have said they just can't afford the time to try and fight back against the cease and desist order.

While Rockstar says it is "working to figure out how we can continue to support the creative community without negatively impacting our players", that explanation hasn't stopped Grand Theft Auto V from receiving tens of thousands of negative reviews on Steam in recent days, nor stopped over 50,000 people from signing an online petition to save the modding tool.

Will there actually be fewer cheaters in GTA Online now?

GTA Online has become a major point of pride (and, more importantly, revenue) for Rockstar Games and Take-Two, so it's cracking down on anything that threatens the player experience there. The video was created in GTA V, with the help of the OpenIV tool. "Go to hell Take Two and Rockstar".

Other projects like OpenIV exist, but if they continue to operate openly it will be in perpetual fear of legal action from Take-Two.

What are players doing in response?

The community has crashed GTA 5's review score on Stream by leaving tons of negative reviews in protest.

A Change.org petition has already been started to "Save OpenIV".

Next we've got Steam user "Nintendo_of_America" (not really Nintendo) saying "Take two just essentially banned modding for this game, I'll never support them again", followed by someone called Polecat Von Einzbern saying "As much as it pains me to give this game a negative review we cannot just sit around and let them destroy single-player modding".

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