The best and worst tippers

Tim Dorr | Flickr

Tim Dorr | Flickr

Tipping etiquette experts recommend that you leave a 15 to 20 percent tip at restaurants.

- Republican males from the Northeast are among the best tippers, beating out southern Democrats, according to a new survey released Monday.

Men, Republicans, Northeasterners and those who pay with a card instead of cash come in at the top, according to, averaging 20 percent.

What do you usually tip at restaurants?

When getting a haircut, 67 percent always tip the stylist or barber; 12 percent never do.

The study found that those earning $75,000 or more a year were the most frequent and generous tippers. PSRAI gathered their information through a nationally representative telephone survey of 1,002 adults living in the continental U.S. They conducted the survey from June 22 to June 25, 2017.

Schulz says that ultimately the amount a person tips is most related to personal income rather than sex, geography or political affiliation.

Less than 30 percent of survey respondents said they give tips to housekeepers or baristas. The average for Southerners and Democrats was 15 percent. Seemingly, men and women are equal - in regards to when they tip; but white, Republican men rule more than just the Senate.

About nine in every 10 of those who paid with credit cards said they always left a tip for the wait staff, but that dropped to 76 percent of those who paid cash. The survey shows that young millennials (ages 18-26) leave a median tip of 16 percent of the bill, whereas Generation Xers report a median of 18 percent of the bill, and baby boomers tip around 20 percent.

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