Xbox Live members can now use custom gamerpics

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X- Who Wants 4K

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X- Who Wants 4K

It is supposed to be a mid-generation refresh for the Xbox One even though on paper, it is a rather significant hardware upgrade going from the Xbox One S to Xbox One X. The console is set to launch this November and will boost 4K visuals for games among other features. Additionally, the Xbox app on Android and iOS is being updated as well.

Major Nelson has announced that the Xbox One X will be at gamescom 2017 in Cologne, the first time the console will be available for gamers to get a hands on in Europe. With this, you can invite up to three friends to broadcast together, creating a multi-view experience on Mixer.

On the Xbox One, the game used dynamic resolution scaling - dropping the video quality to keep frame rates high. You can also take things a bit further, and upload another image to use as your club's profile picture and background. You also will be able to browse the titles in your Xbox Game Pass subscription from the app by selecting "Store", and clicking on the "Xbox Game Pass" pivot. It looks like it ties a controller to a player for sign-in purposes.

To line up with today's update on the Xbox One, Microsoft is also updating the Xbox App on iOS and Android.

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