Andy Rubin's Essential rocked with executive departures as UK

Andy Rubin's Essential rocked with executive departures as UK

Andy Rubin's Essential rocked with executive departures as UK

All who are in any way associated with Essential Phone, including mobile operators, has announced its readiness to put this smartphone bundled with subscription contracts, keep the deathly silence, and no one except Andy Rubin, does not know what happens with Essential Phone really.

According to The Financial Times, Andy Rubin's company has already held talks with United Kingdom operators for the Essential Phone launch.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Essential is already working to get the much-awaited phone in Europe and Japan.

According to a Financial Times report, the start-up, helmed by Android co-creator and founder Andy Rubin has entered into negotiations with United Kingdom networks over a possible exclusivity deal for a British launch "this year". It was announced later on that Sprint will be the device's exclusive carrier in the United States, while TELUS will sell the device in Canada.

Meanwhile, after Essential missed its initial shipping window a few weeks, ago, Niccolo de Masi, chief operating officer of the company, stated that the phone's release in the U.S. is "imminent". It has a price tag of $699, while adding the 360-degree camera accessory will now set you back an extra $50 (down from $199). Speaking with The Financial Times, Niccolo de Masi seems confident that the Essential Phone will be enough to shift the way the smartphone market is structured now, implying that the device will accelerate the pace of innovation, which is often manipulated and slowed down by companies like Samsung and Apple in an effort to "boost quarterly profits".

The Essential Phone looks promising: it offers pure Android experience (after all, it's Andy Rubin we're talking about), a mesmerizing design thanks to the ceramic body and titanium frame, as well as impressive specs, including its modular back. This combined with the for-tech-enthusiasts approach could become Essential's core identity but also its downfall.

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