North Atlantic Treaty Organisation urges Turkey, Germany to settle base row

Nato urges Turkey Germany to settle base row

Nato urges Turkey Germany to settle base row

German Chancellor Angela Merkel backed a meeting Sunday, saying access to the airbase in Turkey is crucial for the German parliament.

In an interview with German broadcaster ARD, Merkel said Germany has been providing significant contribution to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation base located in the central Anatalian province of Konya. She said not only the German government, but also North Atlantic Treaty Organisation would have talks with Turkey. "We hope that Germany and Turkey are able to find a mutually acceptable date for a visit", a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spokesman said.

But she also pointed to their common interest in fighting Daesh under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation banner as a reason for talks between Turkey and German to continue.

Germany has refused to extradite asylum seekers Turkey says were involved in a coup attempt past year, Berlin is demanding the release of a Turkish-German journalist, and Ankara has refused to let German lawmakers visit soldiers at two air bases.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged talks to resolve ongoing disputes with Turkey on German lawmakers' visits to troops stationed in Turkey as part of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation missions.

Germany is moving aircraft stationed on a bilateral basis at Turkey's Incirlik base after a dispute over lawmaker visits there. Consequently, the German parliament made a decision to withdraw German troops from that air base, redeploying them at another air base in Jordan. Germany recently denied President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the right to address fellow Turkish citizens living in Germany when Erdoğan was in the country for the G20 summit held in Hamburg.

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