R Kelly caught in 'sex' cult allegations

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Three people with intimate knowledge of the situation - Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones and Asante McGee - have also provided details confirming the parents' story.

Kelly takes the woman's cell phones, requires them to call him "daddy", films their sexual encounters with him and shows the videos to friends, physically and verbally punishes them for minor infractions and restricts their contact with family members, according to the report. One woman allegedly part of the "cult" is the 19-year-old woman Kelly reportedly started publicly dating last August.

According to the parents and former crew members, Kelly - who is now on a tour of the USA - keeps the young women at his rented homes in Atlanta and Chicago, orders them to call him "daddy", films their sexual encounters, and punishes them verbally and physically when they break his "rules".

One mother identified only as J. told Buzzfeed about the last time she saw her, which was December 2016: "It was as if she was brainwashed".

A representative for Kelly denied the allegations in a statement provided to BuzzFeed.

The problem for the woman's parents is that she's technically not a missing person. In tapes of conversations between that singer and Kelly, acquired and published by BuzzFeed, which the woman recorded with the help of a producer after becoming suspicious of Kelly's motives, Kelly is heard saying, "I'm more interested in developing you". Collaborations with artists like Lady Gaga, sets at big festivals, and magazine articles that still ask-even in god damn 2017-if it's okay to listen to the music of someone who has been accused many times with abusing women, certainly keep Kelly in a troubling spotlight. The 31-year-old reportedly is the "den mother" "who "trained" newcomers on how Kelly liked to be pleasured sexually". They can reprogram her. He forces them to face the wall when other men are in the room so no one else will look at them, which is also why he largely has them dress in unflattering tracksuits. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. According to the women, Kelly has six women in properties rented in Chicago and the suburbs of Atlanta.

"[She] looked like a prisoner, it was awful", the woman said. Kelly allegedly confiscates the women's phones and replaces them with new ones on which they are only allowed to contact him. They've received just two text messages from their daughter in that time, one wishing she could spend Christmas with them and another reading, "Happy Mother's Day from me and Rob". You have to ask to go use the bathroom.

Another apparently said that their daughter is an aspiring professional singer who met Kelly when she was 17-years-old, who moved into one of his properties when she was over the age of legal consent after meeting him at a concert. "A guy said, 'Oh yeah, her.' He pulled her up onstage". "But Robert is the devil".

In 2008, Kelly was tried in IL for 14 charges of making child pornography.

BuzzFeed reveals that police check-ins to both his homes have not found anything that would justify charges.

Buzzfeed spoke to some of Kelly's former associates, including a former personal assistant who went on the record to say that the allegations and rumors are largely true. That was a case that, as DeRogatis points out, just focused on the videotape and not the dozens of civil lawsuits that claimed Kelly was regularly abusing his position of fame. Like all of us, Mr Kelly deserves a personal life.

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