Marvel's Black Panther D23 poster revealed

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman

Black Panther Chadwick Boseman

Civil War concluded with Bucky Barnes/The Winter Solider being granted asylum in Wakanda and choosing to return to cryogenic sleep until a cure for his brainwashing is found. Since Marvel will be bringing us back to the fictional African nation this coming February, a lot of fans are hoping for the return of Bucky-sadly, it looks like it's not happening. However, it appears fans will have to wait awhile before they see the resolution to that story as Sebastian Stan has confirmed to Good Morning America that the Winter Soldier will not be appearing in Black Panther.

The D23 Expo took place in Anaheim, California this past weekend, during which Marvel showcased its hotly-anticipated superhero blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, including the release of a special D23 poster featuring Josh Brolin's Thanos.

Chadwick Boseman has offered some interesting details about the chaotic political spectrum of Wakanda in Black Panther - something that he also relates to real world politics.

Black Panther, which picks up after the events of Civil War, finds the new king pulled in all sorts of directions with numerous groups attempting to take the throne that he now sits on. While taking over the mantle of the Black Panther seemed to have been fairly easy on him, T'Challa struggles more when it comes to the political side of his responsibility to his nation.

However, his mettle both as king and as hero will be tested as he faces off against a number of foes, including the dissident Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), who believes he can rule better than T'Challa, and the Vibranium poacher Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis), who presents a threat to the Wakandan way of life.

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