JetBlue Boots Family of 5 After Toddler's Seat Kick Sparks Argument

JetBlue Boots Family of 5 After Toddler's Seat Kick Sparks Argument

JetBlue Boots Family of 5 After Toddler's Seat Kick Sparks Argument

A Brooklyn family-of-five was booted from a JetBlue flight when they cursed out and threatened a passenger who complained that the couple's 1-year-old was kicking the back of her seat, the airline claims.

That passenger and Ifrah exchanged a few words before the passenger moved to an empty seat, the family said. But then things took a turn.

JetBlue said it wasn't the toddler legs that got the family the the boot, but rather their alleged threats.

"After a verbal altercation that included physical threats and profanities against a nearby customer, the aircraft door was reopened and our airports team politely asked the customers to step off to discuss the situation", the company told the Daily News in a statement.

"The customers refused repeated requests and our crewmembers deplaned the entire aircraft. Law enforcement escorted them out of the gate area and we provided a refund", JetBlue said in a statement.

Part of the exchange with the flight attendant in the plane was captured on video, as was their interaction at the gate.

JetBlue said in a statement that the Raanan was "not removed due to the actions of their children".

The couple became angry and repeatedly asked the flight attendant why they were being asked to leave. "We are investigating whether the customers' behavior warrants restrictions on JetBlue travel and we thank our crewmembers for their professional handling of this unfortunate incident".

JetBlue told the family to find overnight accommodations and said it would book them on a next-day flight, but didn't remove their luggage from the plane, a press release from the family said. The family claimed they didn't get their checked luggage until a week later, that JetBlue never explained why they were removed from the flight, and that they were banned from all future flights.

In addition, the family said that their luggage was not in NY when they arrived home and that it took a week before their bags were returned.

"Don't worry we will get a lawyer and handle it the right way, you had no reason to kick off my family", Ifrah says to the manager and deputies. "I need my kids back home", Ifrah says off-camera. "My baby must have been kicking the chair".

The despondent mom also is heard saying about the other passenger: "She just said, 'Tie your kid's feet'". I mean, she's - at that time - she needs a bottle. "She's exhausted. She's cranky".

"It was just embarrassing", Ifrah said.

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