Trump may support Russian Federation sanctions legislation

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker speaks during a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General after a meeting

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker speaks during a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General after a meeting

Under the proposed bill, Trump must submit to Congress a report on proposed actions that would "significantly alter" US foreign policy in connection with Russian Federation, including easing sanctions or returning diplomatic properties in Maryland and NY that former President Barack Obama ordered vacated in December.

According to the British newspaper, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker "has called for an urgent review of how Brussels should respond if Europe's energy companies or other businesses are targeted by sanctions under discussion in the US Congress". On Monday, the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko told TASS that new sanctions would be created to squeeze Russia out of the European energy market.

Brussels "should stand ready to act within days" if the US measures were "adopted without European Union concerns being taken into account", a note obtained by media said.

The draft USA sanctions law would target Russian energy, financial, railways, shipping, and metals and mining sectors.

A note prepared for an EU meeting on Wednesday, reported by the Financial Times, warns: "The measures could impact a potentially large number of European companies doing legitimate business under EU measures with Russian entities in the railways, financial, shipping or mining sectors, among others".

Noting that "the Russia/Iran sanctions bill is driven primarily by domestic considerations", the European Commission said in a statement that it "could have unintended consequences, not only when it comes to Transatlantic/G7 unity, but also on EU economic and energy security interests".

Among the new anti-Russia proposals, the legislation aims to introduce individual sanctions for investing in the Russian pipeline project. The bill envisages that the Congress and the Senate must approve, or not, the lifting of sanctions against Russia, Iran or North Korea within 30 days.

It is expected that on Tuesday the overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives will vote for this bill. Previously, adoption of the draft was put on hold as the House was reluctant to pass it, citing "procedural issues".

On Saturday, US Republicans and Democrats reached an agreement to clear any further hurdles for proposed legislation which seeks to apply additional sanctions on Russian Federation.

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