Repeal-And-Replace Effort In Senate Still Dominated By Confusion

Repeal-And-Replace Effort In Senate Still Dominated By Confusion

Repeal-And-Replace Effort In Senate Still Dominated By Confusion

It fell far short of GOP ambitions to repeal-and-replace the seven-year old Affordable Care Act, critics say that it would have a devastating effect on the insurance marketplace.

Other key measures such as government spending bills will require Senate Republicans to win over at least eight Democrats to reach 60 votes.

Mr. McCain's vote that day left Senator Mitch McConnell, the majority leader, smiling as his sometime-foe, sometime-friend from Arizona helped rescue the Kentucky Republican's reputation as a master strategist. It proposed ending insurance mandates and the medical device tax, boosting health savings accounts, giving states flexibility and shifting funds to health care centers.

"The so-called "skinny repeal" amendment the Senate voted on today would not accomplish those goals".

They want it to proceed to a conference committee, where House and Senate members would work on crafting another bill that uses each chamber's bill as a starting point to compromise on final legislation - instead of having what the Senate passes sent directly to the House floor for a vote. In a measure of how farcical the debate had become late Thursday, a group of GOP senators was demanding assurances that if they voted for the skinny repeal, it wouldn't become law.

Repeal-And-Replace Effort In Senate Still Dominated By Confusion

Although Republicans controlled the Senate, three of them crossed party lines to join Democrats, and frustrated Trump's dream with a vote of 49 in favor and 51 against.

He added that it was "time to move on". The repeal effort had appeared to collapse several times before, only to be revived. He called for them to "let ObamaCare implode, then deal". "And the American people are entirely justified in saying, 'Any politician who told me that did not tell me the truth'". "We need to roll up our sleeves and come up with a better healthcare system". Trump has repeatedly berated congressional Republicans for being unable to overcome internal divisions to repeal Obamacare, but has offered no legislation himself, nor any clear guidance on what he would like to do about replacing the law.

It was a vote that could have crippled the Republican Party for the rest of President Donald Trump's term.

But McCain said he was skeptical that the House would take the bill to committee and not approve it, so he voted no, dooming the "skinny repeal" after his triumphant return to Washington this week following a brain cancer diagnosis and surgery. Senate Republicans hold 52 seats to Democrats' 48.

In a surreal scene on the Senate floor, McConnell and Vice President Mike Pence were seen before the vote speaking with McCain.

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