Trump, North Korea trade escalating threats of fire



The North Korean state-run news agency announced its recent missile launches as a "stern warning" to the USA and warned Americans shouldn't feel safe.

"They will be met with fire and fury and frankly power the likes of which the world has never seen before", Mr Trump said, in his first public comments since the news broke.

The report quoted the summary of the DIA report as saying that the intelligence community "assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles".

The Pacific island of Guam remained outwardly calm today in the face of a threatened North Korean attack, and a senior official in the United States territory urged people to "relax and enjoy paradise".

The report also says the USA has calculated that North Korea has 60 nuclear devices, according to The Post, a huge increase over experts' previous assessments. "Should the United States pounce upon the DPRK with military force at last, the DPRK is ready to teach the United States a severe lesson with its strategic nuclear force", it said in a statement on Monday.

US President Donald Trump speaks about North Korea at a meeting with administration officials on the opioid addiction crisis at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, on August 8, 2017.

"I can remember analysis and intelligence reports going back at least several years with the assessment that North Korea already had miniaturization and could probably put a warhead on a missile", Friedhoff said.

The North's threat came hours after US President Donald Trump warned that any threat by North Korea to the US will be met with "fire and fury". "This is a risky moment that requires skill, experience and knowledge to deal with North Korea's threats and aggression".

Japan's Defense Ministry has also concluded that "it is possible that North Korea has achieved the miniaturisation of nuclear weapons and has developed nuclear warheads". "This report is affirmation that North Korea has it". Dan Coats, Trump's national intelligence director, said at a security conference last month that the North's July 4 missile re-entered the atmosphere.

But in doing so, he may have set himself an impossible red line: The president warned of "fire and fury" not if North Korea carried out another missile test but if it made another threat.

Experts do not expect a US invasion of North Korea, though Trump hinted at the possibility of some military action in his comments Tuesday.

'If North Korea were actually to launch a nuclear weapon against an American base the inevitable reaction would be the total annihilation of its capital city and military infrastructure by American nuclear retaliation. "So every time there is a comment that makes it seem like he is losing his cool, I suspect there is a smirk on the North Koreans' face".

Kim Jong Un's newscasters semi-regularly threaten to reduce Seoul and/or Washington to a "sea of flames".

"My Homeland Security Advisor who is in communications with Homeland Security and Department of Defense notes that there is no change in threat level resulting from North Korea events", Gov. Eddie Baza Calvo said in a statement Wednesday. The isolated and impoverished dictatorship has strived for decades to match its bombastic military rhetoric with the technical prowess to threaten the US and its Asian allies, and the pace of its breakthroughs is already having far-reaching consequences for stability in the Pacific and beyond. Thousands of United States soldiers are stationed in South Korea and Japan.

The President's statement comes after U.S. intelligence analysts stated that North Korea has produced a miniaturised nuclear warhead.

His rhetoric implies that another verbal threat by Kim could trigger a United States military response, though there was some ambiguity in what Trump meant by "threats".

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