DMX Avoids Jail Despite Testing Dirty for Cocaine & Weed While on Bail

DMX May Face Prison Time Over Recent St. Louis Trip

DMX May Face Prison Time Over Recent St. Louis Trip

After reports surfaced yesterday that he could go back to prison, it looks like DMX caught a break from a judge, as he has been sentenced to house arrest.

The rapper and his attorney, Murray Richman, showed up to court Friday morning in NYC and the judge gave him an earful. notably, X failed 4 drug tests for pot and cocaine. Manhattan Federal Judge Jed Rakoff claimed he received a report indicating that X "may have violated the terms of his pretrial release in numerous respects" after being jailed and released following his being charged for withholding $1.7 million from the IRS. X also violated another term of the bail by leaving the state of NY without court permission.

According to DMX's lawyer, the rapper spent some time in St. Louis, Mo. a few weekends ago without asking his probation officer for permission.

Rather than sending him to jail, which the judge could have easily done, the judge made DMX wear an ankle monitor to make sure he doesn't stray again. He pled not guilty back in July after being freed on $500,000 bail following his one night in jail.

DMX caught the ire of a federal judge during his hearing on tax evasion charges in NY on Friday (Aug. 11). He also lived mostly on cash.

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