HBO offered GoT hackers $250k Bitcoin 'bounty'

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Hackers behind HBO's recent breach have leaked a screenshot of an email that shows the network offering the hackers $250,000 as a "bug bounty payment". The hackers have yet to receive their money, which is why they leaked a purported email exchange with an HBO exec to Hollywood Reporter.

HBO has suffered a major cyber attack, and the company is asking the hackers to extend the ransom deadline.

"As a show of good faith on our side, we are willing to commit to making a bug bounty payment of $250,000 to you as soon as we can establish the necessary account and acquire bitcoin."

Reuters said it tried emailing the hackers at an address it said it obtained from HBO.

The quarter-million offer is peanuts compared to the hackers' original demand: their "six-month salary in Bitcoin", which equals approximately $6 million. A group claimed responsibility for the hack and said it has stolen 1.5. terabytes of data.

HBO may have offered a "bug bounty" to hackers that stole a bunch of its content.

The email was worded in a way that would allow HBO to stall for time while it assessed the situation, Variety reported, citing an HBO source.

After releasing some of that data, the hackers demanded ransom. HBO has not publicly commented on their investigation or the "bounty payment". With hackers now leaking their communication with the network, it appears they are either trying to embarrass the company even more or are just frustrated with this delay. Just a few days ago, they posted contact details for some Game of Thrones cast members, as well as internal emails belonging to one HBO exec. We have weeks of negotiations with HBO officials, but they broke their promises and want to play with us.So we have one option.Wait till Sunday.

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