Japan Installs Extra Missile Defense After N Korea Threat to Guam

USS Chung Hoon SM-2 missile

USS Chung Hoon SM-2 missile

While leaders discuss how much of a threat North Korea is, people are doing everything from showing skepticism of an attack to looking for details about how to protect themselves.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has warned of making preemptive strikes against the US military base of Guam in the Pacific, after two USA strategic bombers were sent again Tuesday to South Korea to stage mock nuclear bomb droppings exercise on DPRK strategic targets, said the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Wednesday.

About 160,000 people live on the island, which extends about 12 miles at its widest.

Air Force B-1B Lancer Bombers arrived on the island of Guam Friday morning.

Located right next to Guam is the Northern Mariana Islands.

"Given that Japan's deterrence is enhanced by both [Japan's defense capability and the USA striking ability], we can't say that there is no possibility that the absence of the USA side's offensive power would constitute a situation threatening Japan's survival", Onodera said Thursday morning during off-session Diet deliberations at the House of Representatives' Committee on Security.

Some posters lament the lack of knowledge about Guam on the part of most USA residents.

Others find the inevitable online jokes and dismissive comments about Guam particularly tasteless, given the situation.

The newfound attention also has sparked discussion about Guam's relationship with the United States as well as messages of support.

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