Teen on way to complete 'Blue Whale' task rescued

Blue Whale challenge targets another teenager Class 7 Indore student jumps off from school building

Blue Whale challenge targets another teenager Class 7 Indore student jumps off from school building

The challenge takes place on internet where depressed children are taken into the game and they are given one instruction per day to follow.

Days after a 14-year-old Mumbai boy jumped to his death from the terrace of the building he lived in, a class VII student from Indore tried to commit suicide. After attending the morning assembly the boy was seen climbing over the railing, but was saved by his friends and teachers as soon as he came into notice. Other students saw whats happening and pulled him back.Then the students told the school teachers and they informed his parents and to the police.

"Initial investigation suggests that the boy had been playing the Blue Whale game on his father's cellphone for the last couple of days", Dwivedi said.

The boy has been playing the game on his father's mobile phone for a long time, but the parents had no clue, said the police.

The police believe the Class 9 student was addicted to the game in which a player is given 50 tasks by "handlers" and is finally manipulated into taking on the final dare - suicide.

He had also been been tense for the last couple of days and was contemplating suicide to complete the 50th task, reported PTI. The boy was later brought to the medical room where he revealed that he was playing the Blue Whale Challenge.

The tasks also involve self-harm, while the final challenge is to commit suicide.

The Blue Whale game originated around 2015 in Russian Federation and spread via social media.

Summary: In the run-up to his suicide bid, the Class VII boy - perhaps the first survivor of the Blue Whale suicide game in the country - was doing some unusual things, which caught the attention of his classmates and friends but no one thought he was planning to end his life. As terrible as it may sound, the mysterious Blue Whale game has been in existence for at least four years.

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