A cruise ship banned late-night revelry because of pirates

The Sea Princess cruise ship

The Sea Princess cruise ship

Tourists on board a luxury cruise sailing through the Arabian Sea and Suez Canal were subjected to a "dusk-till-dawn" black out for ten days as the captain of the ship implemented a strict code to prevent any pirate attack.

It was all fun and games for the almost 2,000 passengers that set sail on the Sea Princess from Sydney on the first leg of cruise of a 104-day cruise.

She said the captain told them the ship "must be prepared for a pirate attack" and that the threat of pirates in that region was very real. Once the sun went down, all windows needed to have their curtains drawn and shutters closed while the bright lights of the ship were dimmed or turned off.

In the report from News.Au.com, Jasinski said there were to be no late-night outdoor bar hopping, movies on the deck, or even any swimming.

A spokesperson told the Telegraph the ship was not facing a specific threat from pirates but the actions were taken as a cautionary measure. "The kind of measures that the article describes are not unusual".

Jasinski said that passengers were asked to sit on the floor and hold on to the railings in case the Sea Princess takes quick turns to avoid the pirate ships. "In the case of a real threat, those passengers in outside cabins were told to close and lock their balcony doors, then lock their entrance door to their cabin and take shelter in the corridors", Jasinski wrote.

One of the most dramatic incidents happened in 2008 when the Nautica cruise ship was sacked upon by two pirate boats in the Gulf Of Aden, according to the IMO.

Pirates typically use small boats equipped with ladders that can be hooked to larger ships. This also prompted the passengers to take the threat and orders seriously.

While some travellers were skeptical of the risk and ignored the rules of the drill run, Jasinski says the captain quickly put them in their place and scolded them over the loudspeaker.

"Piracy specific training is conducted prior to any of our vessels entering areas of concern".

"Any measures aboard Sea Princess were simply taken out of an abundance of caution and not in response to a specific threat and are common to worldwide shipping sailing in the region", a spokesperson said.

CNN contacted Princess Cruises, the company that runs the Sea Princess, to talk about the incident.

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