Tropical Depression No. 8 Expected To Become Tropical Storm

Tropical wave moves northwest toward US; but landfall unlikely

Tropical wave moves northwest toward US; but landfall unlikely

Somewhat favorable conditions should allow the system to strengthen as it moves northward. Gert is the next name on the 2017 list of hurricane names. It could act as a "shield" to the east coast if it does.

A low pressure area located about 150 miles northeast of the Turks and Caicos Islands Saturday morning has become a little better defined and the shower activity has increased somewhat since Friday.

The chance of formation over the next two day is at 60%, and 70% over the next five days.

Tropical Depression Eight's sustained winds are at 35 miles per hour and the minimum pressure is at 1011 millibars.

While its intensity will likely peak as a strong tropical storm, it's possible this storm will become a hurricane early this week.

Is it anything to worry about on the East Coast? It is expected to be pushed off to the east by a non-tropical system on Tuesday or Wednesday according to AccuWeather, and is not seen as a direct threat to the US coast.

Tropical Depression Eight will take the alleyway in between those large-scale weather systems.

The Atlantic hurricane season runs through November 30.

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