USA tourist punched for drunken Nazi salute in Germany

Nazi Salutes Land Chinese Tourists in Hot Water in Germany

Nazi Salutes Land Chinese Tourists in Hot Water in Germany

An American tourist in Germany was beaten up by a passerby after he began giving the Nazi salute outside a cafe in Dresden, police said Sunday.

The American man, 41, was heavily intoxicated at the time of the incident on Saturday, with a blood alcohol level of.276 percent, the German news service Deutsch Welle reported.

The American is now under investigation for violating Germany's blasphemy laws which are very strict when it comes to anything related to Nazi symbolism. His name is not being released for privacy reasons, police said. The search for his attacker, who fled the scene, is ongoing.

The Nazi salute - the right arm straight and angled slightly up, palm down - was used as a greeting and a way of expressing devotion to Adolf Hitler under the Third Reich.

Earlier in August, two Chinese tourists were arrested after making Nazi salutes outside German parliament building the Recihstag. If convicted, the men face a fine or prison sentence of up to three years.

Germany is not the only European country to ban the salute.

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