Va. Woman Killed in Charlottesville Car Attack



Virginia State Police say they've made three arrests in connection with the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.

One person died Saturday when a auto rammed into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville as tension boiled over at a white supremacist rally.

The driver has been identified as James Alex Fields, 20, of OH, according to CNN.

The 20-year-old man, identified as James Alex Fields Jr., is from Maumee, the mid-west state of OH, according to Superintendent Martin Kumer with the Albermarle-Charlottesville County Regional Jail.

His words came after it was confirmed that three people had died as a result of the violence and dozens had been injured.

A vehicle then plowed into a crowd of people peacefully protesting at the rally.

President Trump on Saturday responded to the violence, condemning "in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence", adding "On many sides". "It has no place in America".

The protests were initiated by the city's government decision of removing the confederate past, including a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Two other deaths are connected to the alt-right rally: A helicopter affiliated with State Police crashed outside of Charlottesville, killing the pilot and its passenger.

Officials told the Associated Press the crash was linked to the rally, although they did not elaborate on how the crash was connected.

The governor, who is a Democrat, said he had spoken to President Trump, and twice urged him to begin a movement to bring people together, reports the BBC.

The US supremo did condemn violence "on many sides' following a disgusting display of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, but was blasted for failing to mention rioting neo-Nazis".

I have a message to all the white supremacists and the Nazis who came into Charlottesville today.

Activist groups called for protesters to congregate Saturday night in downtown Oakland in response to violence during a rally by white supremacists in Virginia that left one woman dead and many injured.

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