Woman's long-lost engagement ring found on carrot

Ring found on a carrot

Ring found on a carrot

In one of the most freaky, but loveliest stories seen on Twitter this week, one Canadian woman got back her missing ring when it was found attached to a carrot growing on the family farm.

Mary had lost her ring 13 years ago while she was working on the farm.

Grams had worn the ring since 1951 before losing it, and she secretly replaced it so that her husband, Norman, who died five years ago, wouldn't notice it was gone.

But this week it was found on a carrot, plucked from the soil on the family farm.

She even went to a jewellers and bought a replacement!

"I cried for days", she remembered.

"I guess we just kind of forgot about it and all of a sudden yesterday there was a ring around a carrot", he said.

"It was pretty weird-looking", Colleen told the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC).

Grams searched "high and low" but couldn't find it, she told the CBC. "If I'm going outside or anything I'm going to put it in a safe space".

If this story sounds familiar, a Swedish woman made a similar discovery back in 2011 while working in her garden.

Lena had removed her ring 16 years before to bake with her daughters and left it on the counter where they were working.

It was a carrot that had grown what appeared to be an engagement ring. "And somehow it must have hooked the ring and the ring fell off".

- Three years after an 82-year-old man lost his wedding ring, he also found it on a carrot.

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