North Korea's Nuclear Programme Not Up For Negotiation, Ambassador Tells UN

US President Donald Trump warned North Korea last week it would face "fire and fury" if it threatened the US, prompting North Korea to say it was considering plans to fire missiles towards Guam.

Kim warned, however, that if the US acts proactively, he may reconsider the decision.

"In order to defuse the tensions and prevent the risky military conflict on the Korean Peninsula, it is necessary for the make a proper option first and show it in action", the ambassador said. North Korea considers the exercises threatening and regularly expresses anger over them.

The United States should carry out a "massive cyber-attack" on North Korea to disable its capabilities to launch missiles, an American lawmaker said Thursday.

Pyongyang's deputy U.N. ambassador told United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres this week that its nuclear weapons program will never be up for negotiation as long as the US government's "hostile policy and nuclear threat continue".

Washington and Seoul say the exercises are defensive in nature and crucial to deterring North Korean aggression.

Similar to South Korea and Japan, it is also believed that Beijing will do its best to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis when the push comes to the shove.

The Japanese Defense Ministry wants to introduce a land-based Aegis missile defense system to address North Korea's missile threats and has chose to seek funding in the next fiscal year to cover the system design costs, a Japanese defense official told Reuters.

What worries him is a situation where North Korea feels it's about to be attacked and worries it can't win a war.

Their publication comes as a top USA military officer has branded a military solution to North Korea's threats "horrific", but that it is "unimaginable" that the US would allow dictator Kim Jong-Un to develop missiles that could reach American soil.

What is going to be irrational on the part of the Chinese leadership is that they assume the US will not increase the pressure on Beijing to play a facilitative role in this process.

Trump has vowed not to allow North Korea to develop nuclear missiles that could hit the mainland United States but Pyongyang sees its nuclear arsenal as protection against the United States and its partners in Asia.

President Trump took the opportunity of various meetings he held with the Chinese President Xi Jinping on different occasions to transmit this American expectation to the Chinese leadership.

Even in light of the recent high tensions and brinkmanship between the United States and North Korea, the so-called double freeze - the idea often floated by China and North Korea that the USA would stop military exercises and limit or eliminate its presence in North Korea in exchange for denuclearization - won't budge.

North Korea's latest propaganda posters shows the country bombing the United States as their "answer" to the latest UN sanctions against the country.

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