HTC Vive down to £599 after big price drop

Image courtesy of HTC Corp

Image courtesy of HTC Corp

The cost of the system has been brought down to $599.

It's hard to imagine HTC not cutting the price of the Vive - there was no way people were going to pay $300 more than Oculus' setup for a comparable experience.

Youre getting a 1-month free trial of the Viveport Subscription, which is a great way to sample what VR has to offer.

This new price drop is clearly created to make the Vive more accessible to a wider market, and brings it closer to the Rift's current £400 price point. As for the Vive's popularity, HTC said it has a 60 per cent share of access to the Steam platform for high-end VR headsets, and over the past year Vive has maintained its lead by more than 20 per cent. The discount was made in order to stimulate the interest of customers in the system and also to make it easier for them to afford the accessories, along with the Vive Tracker, which was launched earlier. That's all you'll need to play any Vive-compatible virtual reality games on Steam, and if you haven't dabbled in VR yet, you've got a lot to explore. Vive has the best tracking technology and most compelling content. "We do want to make sure that things that we make around the Vive today continue to work with it".

This price drop mirrored the price cut of Oculus Rift, which happened in March where both of them had the same base price and came down to the same price.

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