VMware to enable customers manage Google's Chrome devices

VMware to enable customers manage Google's Chrome devices

VMware to enable customers manage Google's Chrome devices

The Chrome Enterprise is expected to be a "single, cost-effective solution" for organizations in order to "give them the flexibility and control to keep their employees connected". This new version of Chrome OS will also be fully integrated with Vmware's Workspace ONE and Microsoft Active Directory. Google has announced a new enterprise version of Chrome OS that will be easier for businesses to use Chromebooks.

As different hardware makers like HP, Lenovo and Samsung are already building Enterprise Chromebooks, Google expects that they would customize chrome OS to these devices.

Google also announced on their blog where they announced these subscriptions that they are about to hold a webinar later today where they will talk about the Chrome Enterprise subscription and its benefits.

The best bit? Chrome Enterprise is just $50 per device per year.

We've also simplified our on-premise integration trials so admins can sign up and get going quickly in under two minutes with our new simple setup flows.

"So if you're an EMM provider in those markets, you need to offer Chrome if you want to truly be a unified endpoint management platform", Gold said.

Via its InTune cloud service, Windows 10 offers a UEM approach, allowing companies to deploy and configure PCs and other Windows devices using so-called "modern management" approaches that include mobile device management API hooks and controls.

The overall point of Chrome Enterprise is to attract the business sector and present Chromebooks as an appealing solution. By adding AD support, Google has removed the main impediment for businesses switching to Chrome OS, which was the ability to run Chrome OS and Windows on the same managed network.

In plain words, Chrome Enterprise is a spinoff of Chromebooks for Work program.

Sumit Dhawan, VMware senior vice president and general manager of end-user computing says, "The consumerisation of the enterprise has left IT managing multiple operating systems on a variety of devices with some provided by the business and others brought in by employees".

According to Ed Higgs, Interim Director of Global Service Delivery for Group IT at Rentokil: "With over 500 Chromebooks in use in our organization, Chrome now forms part of our standard offering within Rentokil Initial".

Since its release in 2009, the relatively lightweight Chrome OS has risen to become one of the most widely used mobile operating systems, especially in the educational segment.

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