The One Rachel Green Fashion Trend Jennifer Aniston Hated On 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

The thread further supports its claims with strong arguments which prove that Joey was there for Rachel, supporting her and propelling her career forward while Ross was the selfish one, who always felt like he earned Rachel by waiting for her. "They tried! I think there was a moment when Joey and Rachel got together that maybe it could [have] happened, but it didn't".

"It was Ross and Rachel all the way", she continued. I really believe that if there's an after world of Friends, they're still thriving.

The actress thinks that when they did meet, even though it happened many years later, it was the ideal timing!

Should we be too surprised that Jennifer Aniston has the correct opinions about one of the most iconic characters she's ever played? I think it was more physical than emotional with them.

From the mouth of Jennifer Aniston, the fans of the hit show in the '90's, "Friends", can already have an answer.

Plus, Aniston says that the constant question of whether she's pregnant or not is a fraught topic for her.

In real life, Aniston's now-hubby Justin Theroux was supposed to have auditioned for a role on the show. "Those are fun to play with, and it's fun to get dressed up and your hair and your makeup on and get a great haircut, but I think it's really your internal life that's most important to get together for you to feel handsome and ready to take on the world". Aniston clarified. "He just didn't want to get on a plane. He was a total New Yorker, and he wasn't moving", the actress added. In fact, she says, "it was ideal when we met - flawless".

Sounds like both onscreen and off, things worked out perfectly!

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