American Horror Story: Cult Recap: Won't You Bee My Neighbors?

Frank Ockenfels  FX

Frank Ockenfels FX

Ally is at her worst by the end of the episode, having completely succumbed to fear.

In "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark", even if Ally unplugs from the internet, as her psychiatrist recommended, people like Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) are right in her face, drawn out of the shadows in the wake of Trump's victory, smugly throwing lattes (or worse) at those they disapprove of, whether it's a group of hard-working migrant workers or a pair of smiling lesbians.

Harrison (Billy Eichner) and Meadow (Leslie Grossman), the new neighbors, introduce themselves to Ally and Ivy. She shows him her new gun that she obtained from the new neighbors.

The plot thickens when Detective Jawline gets involved, immediately pointing his handsome finger at Pedro, a busboy who argued with the victim earlier in the episode. Later that night, Ally is home with their nanny Winter when the power goes out.

Remember when American Horror Story teased us with hints of a nautical theme for Season 7 after the Roanoke finale aired?

Elsewhere in the episode, fans will get to catch a glimpse of Winter Anderson again. It was attractive yet sad and scary to watch Ally go through her mental state of torture and only to be made worse by Evan Peters' character. So far in the world of the show, there are "real" clowns-the ones who drive around in an ice cream truck and commit real-world murder and mayhem-and there is Twisty (John Carroll Lynch), who confusingly appears beside the three-faced clown in a night terror that Ozzy (Cooper Dodson) is having.

Of course, she doesn't know she's heading to danger, but we do. He's covered in blood, there's a growing puddle of it on the floor and, well, as you can imagine, she fails at not coming into contact with the stuff. This is the first time that any reference has been made to the official promo that was shared previous year, although we now know that the lack of monsters is due to a new focus on real-life horror in American Horror Story: Cult. He's also personally benefited from the clown murders of the Changs, since that freed up the city council seat he's now after (not to mention that Chang previously insulted Kai in front of the council).

The season is off to a great start and I can't wait for the next episode. That the creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy used real footage from the election season and the election itself only tells us that they will continue to boldly jab at the president and that he has yet to speak out against his radical supporters who have used his victory as a reason to spread hate, fear and violence. Based on spoilers for the episode, Ally will find him at her doorstep, where he asks her to let him in to have a glass of water.

Twisty's weapon of choice, a juggling pin, is prominently displayed in the background of Oz's bedroom just moments before the clown himself shows up to terrorize the poor boy, foreshadowing his arrival. We're still not clear on the line between reality and fantasy for Ally, though - so maybe Longstreet is just a regular Trump supporter and not a culty one.

We're just two episodes into the seventh installment of American Horror Story and it's hard to not already be questioning the integrity of our heroes.

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