North Korea issues stark warning ahead of vote on new United Nations sanctions

Germany open to Iran-style N. Korea talks Merkel

Germany open to Iran-style N. Korea talks Merkel

On Monday, North Korea had warned the United States that it would pay a "due price" for spearheading efforts to have fresh sanctions imposed on the country after its latest nuclear test. The resolution bans Pyongyang from exporting textiles while capping how much crude oil and refined petroleum products can be imported.

Speaking at a disarmament conference in Geneva, North Korean Ambassador Han Tae Song said his delegation "categorically rejects the latest illegal and unlawful U.N. Security Council resolution", according to Reuters.

The diplomat continued, "If [North Korea] agrees to stop its nuclear program, it can reclaim its future".

China and Russian Federation, which can veto any United Nations measures, have expressed skepticism that tough sanctions will stop North Korea's nuclear push and have pushed for peace talks.

The sanctions, approved Monday, effectively ban 90 percent of North Korea's publicly reported exports and limit the amount of oil the country is permitted to import.

The resolution, responding to Pyongyang's sixth and strongest nuclear test explosion on September 3, does ban North Korea from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates. Both of these have been key sources of hard currency. China is North Korea's main ally and by far its biggest trading partner, including for oil shipments. "We are not looking for war", Ms Haley said.

Since the test of what North Korea claims was a hydrogen bomb, neighbouring countries and the U.S. have been closely watching for possible further provocations by Kim.

Teaming up with Russia, China opposed the USA push for a complete oil embargo against North Korea and kept North Korean leader Kim Jong-un from a blacklist.

China tested antimissile systems and performed exercises to prepare for a "surprise attack" from North Korea, indicating newfound alarm among the military about the crisis. In a statement released after the sanctions were imposed, North Korea's foreign ministry iussued a statement saying that North Korea is closely watching United States.

But on Sunday night U.S. officials appeared to tone down their demands, scrapping the asset freeze and softening restrictions on North Koreans working overseas. They target North Korea's $1.3 billion revenue stream originating from textile exports and North Korean overseas laborers.

Peru normalized ties with North Korea in November 1988, and a Pyongyang trade representative represents the regime, according to Yonhap.

"The world will witness how the DPRK tames the U.S. gangsters by taking a series of actions tougher than they have ever envisaged", the foreign ministry said in a statement carried by the official KCNA news agency. The final resolution was the result of "tactical calls" to "get strong results" and get everyone on the Security Council on board, the official added.

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