Pakistan has defeated terrorism, PM Khaqan tells int'l media

PM vows to make every possible effort for socio-economic uplift of masses

PM vows to make every possible effort for socio-economic uplift of masses

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Tuesday said Pakistan-US relationship can not be defined on the basis of Afghan issue.

The prime minister reiterated that Pakistan was open to close cooperation with the United States as their ties were decades old and could not be defined on the basis of one issue - the Afghan issue.

Pakistan's prime minister has offered "joint patrols" and "joint posts" with Afghanistan as a means of bi-lateral verification of action taken against terrorist groups or their sanctuaries.

His remarks came weeks after US President Donald Trump criticised Pakistan for providing safe havens to militants.

Claiming that Pakistan has suffered massively from the instability in Afghanistan, PM Abbasi said the country is open to join patrols along the border as he insisted that the fencing work will continue and Islamabad would welcome a similar move by Kabul. They have noted that Pakistan has faced a lot of cross-border violence from Afghanistan since the 2001 USA invasion.

"The other side is also required to address Pakistan's concerns regarding presence of terrorists, attacks on Pakistani border areas", he emphasised. President Trump had wisely hinted to withdraw from the country but now he has reversed the policy by announcing to dispatch more troops in the hope of grabbing mineral resources of Afghanistan.

He added that, however, Pakistan has not yet received any list of measures from the US side to fight against the alleged terrorist sanctuaries.

The United States is holding back $255 million in military assistance to Pakistan until it cracks down on militant groups that attack Afghanistan.

USA officials and independent analysts have long accused Pakistan of turning a blind eye to militants battling US forces in Afghanistan, even as it cracks down on other militant groups that target its own citizens.

Regarding the USA pressures, PM Abbasi said Islamabad has not received any specific demands from United States, promising that the country would take steps regarding any information they receive. "Pakistan is a large market and the USA companies are getting opportunities of billions of dollars here", said Abbasi.

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