Food employee flushes newborn down toilet after giving birth at restaurant

Police Department

Police Department

A McDonald's cashier is facing an attempted murder charge after giving birth to a boy while at work and then trying to flush the newborn down a toilet inside the Redwood City restaurant, prosecutors said.

Just after the employee stepped down to get help, she heard the toilet flush and Lockner asking her not to call police. At around 10 p.m., her manager suggested she go home but, even after clocking out of her shift, Lockner allegedly stayed at the restaurant in the restroom, according to prosecutors.

Officers arrived to find a newborn baby without a pulse and not breathing.

According to the Daily Journal, Lockner's boss allowed her to leave early, however, when she clocked out around 10PM, she didn't leave and went into the bathroom. She faces life in prison if convicted, The Daily Post noted. Though medical professionals were initially concerned the child would not live, the baby has since then been taken off life support and is expected to survive while receiving care, according to prosecutors. The boy has since been taken out of a coma and is recovering, though it's unclear if he sustained brain damage.

The mother has been charged with attempted murder causing great bodily injury and child abuse resulting in great bodily injury.

Child Protective Services is determining if there are any family members who could take the baby after the child is released from the hospital.

Police arrested Lockner, who will be appointed a public defender on September 18.

A female employee looked over the cubicle and saw Lockner holding a newborn baby in the toilet, it reports. "She said she didn't know she was pregnant". When the baby did not cry, she assumed it was a still-born and attempted to flush it. Hospital employees later found the baby in a pillowcase in the trash can.

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