Seven ate nine? Apple skipped iPhone 9 and Twitter responded with puns

The recent leak of Apple’s software code suggests that Apple is likely to bring out three smartphones this year and they will be called iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

The recent leak of Apple’s software code suggests that Apple is likely to bring out three smartphones this year and they will be called iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X

Samsung Electronics hosted its "Galaxy Note 8 Media Day" event on Tuesday in Seoul, the same event that was held last month in New York City, to promote its latest model of the Galaxy Note series. A later leak confirmed the news that the new iPhone models would be called the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X instead.

The iPhone X's nearly $1,000 price is potentially a psychological threshold for consumers that Apple will try to overcome with augmented reality features and other new technology.

As I was thinking more about the iPhone X and how Apple completely changed how people will be required to navigate iOS, it struck me that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in my hand is the anti-Apple iPhone X with a number of choices provided to the user. Pre-orders for the iPhone X begin October 27 and the device ships by November 3, while the 8/8 Plus can be ordered starting September 15 and will start shipping a week later.

Speaking at a news conference attended by The Associated Press, Samsung Electronics' president of mobile business Koh Dong-jin said that the company is getting ready to launch its first bendable Galaxy smartphone... sometime in 2018. "From augmented reality to Gigabit LTE and Ultra HD video on mobile, we tackle the hard system-level problems early on to create a low-barrier of entry for the entire mobile ecosystem, established and incumbent companies alike". Will the iPhone X be a onetime thing (to extend the shelf life of its hero product)?

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will also be capable for wireless charging for the first time. The other iPhone 7s use Qualcomm technology.

Smartphones have been around for what seems like "forever", but it wasn't until the iPhone arrived that everything changed. If you want, you can choose to never use the S Pen as well.

Apple even avoided a lot of the old standbys like OS update metrics or app store revenue. Based on the iPhone X's 3D sensors, the animation technology will enable users to create personalized emoji expressions through facial recognition and tracking.

With numerous areas discussed above, it could be surmised that Apple might be scared of the backlash from trying to claim so many relatively standard options from the Android world as "revolutionary" in the iPhone X, especially when the implementation of so many features might not be as good as what you would get on Android.

It is widely believed that the links related to the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were instigated by a disgruntled employee of the company.

But despite the iPhone X price looking somewhat intimidating for average consumers, Apple is still expected to shift the next generation smartphone in particularly large numbers.

Thus, it is now known as that the iPhone X will be the OLED-driven device that has been widely predicted in Apple-following circles. Sales figures will give us a better idea.

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