Hillary Clinton says women didn't vote for her because of men

Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton at their first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead

Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton at their first presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead

"I think that type of misunderstanding of who this President is and, frankly, a misunderstanding of what he's been doing is exactly one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton is not the President and is instead pushing a book with a lot of false narratives", she said.

This time he blasted Clinton for the amount of money she spent on her campaign. I want to thank you, Anderson.

Each state has a number of electors in the electoral college proportionate to its population - the sum of its number of senators (always two) and representatives in the House.

Her disappointment was the timing of the investigation when she had thought all matters concerning the issue had waned off following the initial investigation which yielded no trait of criminality.

Trump reached an agreement with Schumer and Pelosi last week — despite objections from Republicans — on a three-month agreement to raise the debt ceiling, keep the government running and speed hurricane relief to states.

Much of the country, and the world, was left in shock as the primaries turned red one after another and Trump claimed victory. Democrats don't need to question their own assumptions and prescriptions.

And let's also acknowledge that the 2016 election wasn't the first time that Hillary Clinton, who has been a national presence since the early 90's, has drawn fire from the mass media.

While Cooper asked Trump a difficult question during the debate, he didn't repeat the act on Wednesday night with Clinton. If you want to get things done you have to understand that.

Defending Obama wasn't always an easy gig for Clinton. "We all have to live with the consequences of our decisions". Lauer followed up: "Has it led you more in the direction of collusion?"

"When it first started happening, it was so soon after the election", Clinton said. She couldn't refer to any fault from her end that might be responsible for her loss. Clinton didn't shy away from placing partial blame for her campaign's loss on the former FBI director's shoulders.

Technically, Americans on election day cast votes for electors, not the candidates themselves, although in most cases the electors' names are not on the ballot. Trump's base has reclaimed it as a positive term. "I did everything that I was supposed to do". During former President Barack Obama's eight years in office, Grassley and Sen. "The flat-out derisive language and more subtle 'messaging' were so prevalent that we began to accept it".

"Amazon Customer Reviews must be reviews related to the product and are designed to help customers make purchase decisions", the company said in a statement emailed to LifeZette on Thursday, "In the case of a memoir, the subject of the book is the author and their views. But I just hope people will take what happened this time seriously and be ready and willing to vote the next time".

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