Joe Henderson: Hollywood Hills deaths horrifying outrage

Flood waters touch the bottom of a mailbox in Bonita Springs on Florida's Gulf Coast as the effects of Hurricane Irma continue to render parts of the state unlivable

Flood waters touch the bottom of a mailbox in Bonita Springs on Florida's Gulf Coast as the effects of Hurricane Irma continue to render parts of the state unlivable

Officials said 18 additional patients from a second adjoining facility were also being relocated due to the investigation, though these patients were "not medically compromised".

State officials, utility executives and the Rehabilitation Center spent Wednesday trading blame over why and how its patients were left to endure such conditions, even though state and federal regulations require nursing home residents to be evacuated if it gets too hot inside.

"We're talking about taking care of people, people brought here that have done a good job".

"Most of the patients have been treated to respiratory distress, dehydration, heat-related issues", Katz said. "As a precautionary measure, we've assigned police officers to go check all the other 42 assisted living facilities and nursing homes throughout the city to make sure they're in sufficient care of the elderly".

Florida lawmakers will consider significant changes to nursing home regulations in the state following the deaths of eight residents in Irma's aftermath.

The death toll from Irma stood at 81 on Thursday, including 38 in the United States, with several hard-hit Caribbean islands including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands accounting for more than half of the fatalities. The deaths are believed to have been caused by overheating, but carbon monoxide poisoning from generators is also being considered. A Tampa man died after the chain saw he was using to remove trees kicked back and cut his carotid artery.

Three patients were found dead at the nursing home early Wednesday after police got a call about a person with a heart attack, and three more died at the hospital or on the way, police said.

Meanwhile, the state made urgent efforts to protect its vulnerable elderly residents.

Irma generated as much accumulated energy in a dozen days as an entire six-month hurricane season would in an average year, Klotzbach calculated.

Trump, standing alongside Scott and other Florida officials, said he knows that "at a certain point it ends for you and we can't let it end".

But kitchen worker Jean Lindor told the Miami Herald there was no air conditioning and the center had a generator that provided enough power to cook meals.

Three died at the nursing home, and five at the hospital according to the New York Post.

The image above shows just how close Hollywood Hills nursing home is (on the right) to Memorial Hospital (on the left).

Scott announced Thursday the Center will no longer receive state Medicaid funds.

"They're more susceptible to the heat", said Broward County Commissioner Nan Rich.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 3.7 million customers still were without power, according to state statistics.

Outages had fatal consequences at a nursing home in Hollywood, Florida, north of Miami.

The number of people without electricity in the steamy late-summer heat was down to 6.8 million. Utility officials warned it could take a week or more for all areas to be back up and running.

"My concern is less on what happened in Broward and more the decision making that created that environment, and why we're still not out of the woods in the larger issues of housing and aging, and why the state is in an absolute crisis", he added. Rescue crews went door to door in the 94-degree heat to check on people and hand out water, ice and meals.

"It's a team like very few people have seen", he said. "That's why we are camped out there and doing whatever we can to assist them in this process".

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