Week 2 Steelers Vs Vikings - What To Watch For

Gregory Shamus  Getty Images North America via Zimbio

Gregory Shamus Getty Images North America via Zimbio

The quarterback experienced pain, swelling and discomfort in his left knee after the Vikings' season-opening win over the Saints - the same knee he had surgery on in 2013 and 2014 to fix a torn ACL.

If that doesn't happen, this is a game the Steelers can lose. If he can move even less this week, then the coaching staff might try to keep him off the field just so they stand a better chance at winning an important game. This is the reason the Steelers traded for Haden - to match up with other team's top receivers. Running back Le'Veon Bell had just 10 carries for 32 yards against the Browns. - For those who might be anointing the Vikings as Super Bowl contenders after how good they looked on Monday night, it might be best to tap the brakes.

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Heinz Field. Dalvin Cook showed that he is a true National Football League running back, displaying not only the speed he showed in college but incredible strength as well.

Despite how horrifying (and typical) that sounds, the Vikings do sound like they believe Bradford will play Sunday, so it can't be THAT bad.

If it wasn't for Antonio Brown's spectacular day on Sunday, the Steelers could be going into Week 2 with a loss. Both runs went right off a snap from the right hash and came out of the same formation (three wide receivers left and a tight end right, with Cook to the left of Bradford, who was in the shotgun). Minnesota is a touchdown underdog to the Steelers. Rhodes is a big physical corner with excellent technique. He went 27 of 32 for 346 yards and three touchdown passes in a almost flawless performance. Minnesota is one of those teams. He amassed just 47 total yards from scrimmage, which, from a guy who ripped it up for 337 yards rushing in two playoff wins past year, is a weak total. Now, the blame isn't exclusively on the offensive line, Bell played a limited role and didn't make superior plays when his name was called.

Indeed, Smith threw for 363 yards and two touchdowns in the opener last season, but the Chiefs didn't score a TD the next week. The very idea shakes Vikings fans, who flashback to his 2013-14 injury that benched him for a season.

Against the Cleveland Browns in Week 1, Pittsburgh gave up 20 receptions for 222 receiving yards.

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