8 residents dead at Florida nursing home left without power after Irma

8 residents dead at Florida nursing home left without power after Irma

8 residents dead at Florida nursing home left without power after Irma

Five others died in hospital.

More than half of the number was recorded in the Caribbean.

Their deaths bring the death toll from Irma to at least 30 people in the USA, and at least 36 in the Caribbean.

Drone footage has captured the extent of destruction caused by Hurricane Irma, showing scattered debris floating in heavily flooded streets in Naples, Florida.

The six people who died were patients at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills. Officials with the facility and staff are cooperating with the investigation and other inquiries.

U.S. Southeast utilities said on Friday they restored power to over 75 percent of the 7.8 million homes and businesses knocked out by Hurricane Irma, leaving almost 1.9 million of those customers still without electricity.

Hollywood Fire Rescue found several patients "in varying degree of medical distress and immediately began treatment" when they arrived at the Hollywood Hills facility on Wednesday morning, according to the city's statement. The center was left without full air conditioning after the hurricane hit, and the deaths stirred outrage over what many saw as a preventable tragedy. The temperature is supposed to touch the mark of 90s in Hollywood this week.

The Florida Health Care Association also released a statement calling the situation "a profound tragedy".

The state of Florida responded by preventing the facility from admitting new patients and evacuating the rest of its residents.

Florida officials have made restoring electricity to the millions who have lost power a priority and tens of thousands of utility company workers, many from out of state, are engaged in the huge effort.

He warned residents to be extra vigilant, saying not to touch downed power lines and to listen to local officials.

"The damage in those areas is just beyond belief", Monroe County Mayor George Neugent told the Miami Herald.

"We are doing everything we can to restore power", Gould said at a press conference on Saturday, "But this was an extremely large impact storm that impacted all 35 counties".

Patients were evacuated to Memorial Regional Hospital and other facilities in the Memorial Healthcare System.

The son of one resident told the Miami Herald that portable air conditioning units were in use when another relative visited the facility earlier this week, and that it was "a little warm, but not uncomfortable".

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