Apple's New iPhone 8 Gets Torture Tested

Customers wait in line for new products at the Apple Store in Sydney Friday

Customers wait in line for new products at the Apple Store in Sydney Friday

As it does every year, Apple's latest iPhone model is being put through a battery of stress tests for the viewing pleasure of YouTube, with a new video showing off the handset's ability to withstand bends and all but the most brutal scratches, AppleInsider says.

Moving on to the perennial bend test, the new iPhone passed with flying colors, showing no sign of flex even with the glass sandwich design.

Apple claims that the glass on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X is the most durable glass ever on a smartphone.

Apple's iPhone 8 is shipping out to pre-order customers alongside iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K. Will that correlate to a higher rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale?

Next, the testers tried the iPhone 8's screen against a razor blade, coin, and keys, and found that no one of them could scratch the display. It's the same performance as last year's iPhone 7, according to the channel.

Ultimately, JerryRigEverything thinks that the rear-facing camera is the one spot where Apple might have not committed to as strong or reliable a material, making it susceptible to damage. The iPhone 8 will start at $699, while the larger iPhone 8 Plus will start at $799.

That said, YouTuber JerryRigEverything was quick to get an iPhone 8 durability video up on the web and, you'll be happy to know, it appears that the iPhone 8 is an impressively sturdy device.

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