Twitter tries to explain why Trump's posts aren't like others

Illustration by Alex Castro  The Verge

Illustration by Alex Castro The Verge

Some noted that Trump would likely never be penalized by Twitter based on the company's current stand, since, as president, anything he says could be considered "newsworthy". It's because he's the president.

Twitter said it has an internal policy to keep newsworthy tweets up and that it will update its public rules to show that.

When it comes to the latest Trump tweet, it may not be presidential-not even "modern-day presidential".

North Korea took the "won't be around much longer" part of the tweet as a threat, claiming on Monday that Trump's post was a "clear declaration of war".

"Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at United Nations", he tweeted after North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho spoke on Saturday.

"Twitter is committed to transparency and keeping people informed about what's happening in the world". The former reality-TV star, after all, has probably done more than any US politician to flirt with violating Twitter's terms of service, repeatedly using the platform to harass and threaten his rivals.

Twitter insisted it was not being inconsistent in its rules.

In a series of tweets aimed to deflect the ensuing row among users, Twitter sought to clarify its rules: "Some of you have been asking why we haven't taken down the tweet".

Incidents which drew complaints on Twitter included Mr Trump posting a doctored video of him body slamming CNN, and his attacks on morning TV hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzenzinski.

US President Donald Trump has effectively been given carte blanche by his favourite social media platform to tweet what he likes, after questions were raised about his threatening tone. "This has always been internal policy and we'll soon update our public-facing rules to reflect it", Twitter wrote on Monday on its @Policy account.

"Iran just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel", the president had tweeted.

The company also said it holds all accounts to the same rules.

Twitter was pressed over the weekend on whether Trump's tweet was a violation of rules, but the company initially kept mum, telling BuzzFeed that it "does not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons".

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