Irish Traveller and Catholic population in Laois is on the increase



There were 211 Irish Travellers enumerated in the county in April 2016.

The Church of Ireland has the third highest membership with 126,414 people, while census figures show that the Muslim (Islamic) population has risen by 28.9 percent since 2011 with 63,443 members.

There were more male (534) than female (515) Travellers. The average age of Catholics in the county was 36.0 years, compared with the county's overall average age of 35.6 years. Travellers made up less than 1 in 100 (0.8%) of the county's population, compared to 0.7% nationally.

There were 24,211 Presbyterians, a slight fall on the 24,600 five years previously. That's up from a figure of 157 families in 2015, while the figure was 170 families the two years previous.

Kilkenny County Council has said the increase is not attributable to people moving in from neighbouring counties, but rather due to the young age at which couples are starting families. The council has said that efforts will need to be sustained to deliver accommodation for those families greatest in need, "namely young families requring ongoing supports who can not access alternative accommodation and those families living without basic facilities parked on the roadside and in yards to the rear of family homes".

Offaly has a higher percentage of Roman Catholics than any other county in Ireland according to the latest thematic report from the 2016 Census. The report shows that the number of Irish Travellers stood at 30,987, representing 0.7% of the general population in April 2016.

Catholicism remains the predominant religion, accounting for 83.2% (26,666) of Leitrim's population in April 2016.

This was followed by persons with "Any other White background" (9.5%), non-Chinese Asian (1.7%) and "other including mixed background" (1.5%).

Those with "Black or Black Irish (African/any other Black background)' comprised 3,062 persons (1.6 per cent) while 2,589 persons (1.3 per cent) indicated an 'Asian or Asian Irish (Chinese/any other Asian background)'".

They now make up 10% of the population, making them the second largest category in the breakdown of affiliations under the "Religion" heading in the Census. On average, Church of Ireland members in Longford were 3.8 years older (41.2 years) than the overall population in the county. "As always all of this information is available on, where users can also access detailed data for their own area".

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